Mike Zeck

Al Milgrom

Mike Mayhew

Luke McDonnell

Mike S. Miller

John Beatty

Sheldon "Shelly" Moldoff

Dave Bullock

Graham Nolan

Derec Donovan

Chris Mangold

Brent Peeples

Mike Perkins

Rodolfo Migliari

Adelso Corona

Sajad Shah

Don Perlin

Frank McLaughlin

Each years we host several limited blank cover sketch opportunities (opps) with artists. These opps are typically limited to 10 spots and are reserved on a first come first serve basis on the CGC chat boards.  Once completed these sketches are then shipped directly to CGC for grading/encapsulation.

In addition to the artists we represent, we have offered sketch opps featuring:

Below you will find a list of sketch opps that are currently in progress. All opps in progress will be posted on this page and only removed when all sketches have been shipped to their respective customers.  This page will be updated frequently with changes, as they occur:                                                                       Last updated 7/2/2018

Al Milgrom - 1st Round of books are currently being worked on by Al. 

Jeff Edwards/Steve Lydic - Books currently being worked on by Jeff.


To be included in an email to notify you of upcoming sketch opps please email us at commissions@onestopcomicshop.com